What is the Deloitte Private Club?

Held regularly around the country, each Private Club session features an interactive presentation or panel discussion on topics selected by club members - think social media, entering foreign markets and hiring and retaining talent, just to name a few.

We want our members to feel inspired, supported and listened to, armed with practical tips to help their business. We believe it's important to share your experiences, challenges and successes and what better place to do this than at the Deloitte Private Club?

Exclusive member benefits

Advice from the best

Each session features an exceptional entrepreneur in their field who knows what it takes to grow a business. They share top tips from their own experience that you can use.

Support for your business

With our breakout sessions you can bring your latest challenges to the table and gain some fresh ideas and new perspectives to move you forward on your journey. 

Benefit from others

Everything that happens in the club stays in the club, so you can bring anything and everything to the table and benefit from a great pool of knowledge.

Have something really crucial to resolve within your business?

Chances are someone else has come across this same issue, so why not take the monthly ‘hot seat’ and throw it open to your breakout group. If you have nothing to resolve, take advantage of the superb networking opportunities within the Private Club itself and the variety of guest speakers at the sessions.


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