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We know that our trade clients are busy doing what they do best; so administrative tasks can get pushed aside. We start by sourcing the right systems to put in place so admin becomes as efficient as possible on a day to day basis.

We advise all our trade clients on the simple things from how to send invoices out, to how to advertise and sell their skills effectively. Our trade clients benefit greatly from our services and our compliance teams help clients keep on top of their invoicing and tracking.

Software that can help:

  • WorkflowMax

  • GeoOp

  • SpannerPlanner

Our People

Your team of Auckland based experts to help.

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Dan Hellyer

Dan Hellyer

Partner - Deloitte Private Otago and Southland
+64 (3) 474 8643

Tony Evans

Tony Evans

Associate Director - Deloitte Private Otago and Southland
+64 (3) 471 4346

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