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We know that work-life balance, the availability of skilled people and access to capital are the key issues on the minds of healthcare business owners. Add to that, the changing government regulations and you have some real challenges. Deloitte aims to help business owners in this sector grow, innovate and increase the value of their business. We realise that succession is an issue in this industry and the enduring value of your business relies on creating a strong business.

Working with you, we ask the following questions:

  • What are the growth expectations within your company?

  • How can you innovate in your business to push your company forward?

  • How can you maximise the value of your company?

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Jane Glentworth

Jane Glentworth

Manager - Deloitte Private Canterbury and Upper South Island
+64 (3) 363 3821 |

John McRae

John McRae

Partner - Deloitte Private Waikato and Central North Island
+64 (7) 343 1058

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