Our diagnostic labs are designed for businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19. Held virtually or over the phone, the labs enable clients to work through our Resilience Leadership Framework, address their most impacted areas, and produce an action plan that is executable, measurable and impactful.

Our labs include lessons from Deloitte experts across the world. We have harnessed their insights and identified that the most impacted areas of the business are often finance, supply chain, talent and digital capability.

The lab will provide you with a rapid response to COVID-19, to focus your efforts on doing the most impactful activities and get you back to serving your customers.

Our facilitators

Our facilitators are expert strategists and have a minimum of ten years’ experience in working with the small to medium sized enterprise market. All our experts have helped their clients overcome their most insurmountable challenges and have contributed to their success. They understand the challenges businesses face and will support you in making the right decisions for your organisation.

Interested? Get in touch with your local contact from the table below.

Auckland Bill Hale bihale@deloitte.co.nz +64 (9) 303 0813
  Jenny Liu jennliu@deloitte.co.nz +64 (21) 209 9978
Hamilton Doug Wilson douwilson@deloitte.co.nz +64 (7) 834 7876
Wellington Jane Fraser-Jones jfraserjones@deloitte.co.nz +64 (4) 470 3647
Christchurch Grant Jarrold gjarrold@deloitte.co.nz +64 (21) 478 68
Dunedin Kyle Cameron kycameron@deloitte.co.nz +64 (3) 474 8674

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