Why your business needs social media

Social media is no longer an optional extra for businesses – it’s a must have. Your brand has to be online, engaged and easy to find.

But how do you craft your brand on social media in a way that grabs eyeballs?

Firstly, it’s about authenticity. As Jon Randles from social media agency Mosh puts it, “authenticity is what works well on social media in the long run.”

So with that in mind, find the truest expression of what your brand or business stands for and put that into the market with confidence.

Secondly, it’s about knowing what type of content you have and crafting a strategy as to how you’ll utilise it. Do you have customer testimonies, great product shots, reviews, a blog or helpful hints?

Figure out what’s of value to your audience and do that. And remember, it’s not a hard sell.

I suggest reading ‘Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook’ by Gary Vaynerchuk who offers great advice on how to offer value to customers first before asking them to buy from you.

Thirdly, get fun and creative. Figure out your point of difference and push that. Posting good quality content on a regular basis with an X-factor goes a long way.

To build on this, we extracted a few nuggets of wisdom from Nikki Neate from iconic Kiwi brand – Pic’s Peanut Butter – to see how this brand consistently creates great social media content that pulls in the punters.

How important is social media in getting the story of Pic’s across?

You should ask that to our Picsters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are the important ones. They are our story! Pictsers share our story by showing their love of Pic’s online and, as peanut butter makers, we love hearing and seeing how Pic’s fits, not just into their pantries but their lives too. From bub's first taste of Pic’s, to athletes sharing their gains, to people who have come back to eating peanut butter - that is a lot of love. 

What does social media do for your business that traditional marketing doesn't?

Social plugs us straight into our Picsters and their stories. Social allows us one-on-one connections with our Picsters on an epic scale. We personally banter, chat and respond to all our Picsters which builds a community of peanut butter-loving folk, who let us know daily what Pic’s could do more of and less of. We have the pleasure of having real conversations. There is no generic speak with us. We listen to each Pictser and reply not as a brand, but as a peanut butter maker.

What type of content does your audience respond well to?

If it’s Pic’s then we are talking about it – from dogs who eat Pic’s to a Pic’s peanut butter bark recipe video from one of our esteemed UK eaters (no connection to our dog eating Pic’s post) to our recent collaboration with Lewis Road Creamery. We focus on real food and the fact that Pic’s is the tastiest undiscovered ingredient in your pantry – it literally goes with anything.

What would you say to businesses starting out on social media in terms of what to post and how to engage with their audience?

Work on the channel that is right for your business, work out what it is you want to say, work out what your customers want to hear and then work on how you are going to say it. Have a play and have fun!

04 August, 2017 by Emily McLean,

Emily McLean

Emily McLean

Emily McLean works in the Deloitte marketing team and closely with Deloitte Private. She loves telling the stories of those individuals and businesses leaving their mark in New Zealand's SME space while delivering news and insights to help business owners grow their companies. 

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