Our people: Meet David Jobling

Experienced in providing outsourced finance and CFO services, Deloitte Private director David Jobling, sees the value high performing finance functions can bring to achieve business growth ambitions.


How long have you been at Deloitte and what is your role?

I’ve been at Deloitte for about 16 years and I'm now a director in Deloitte Private. Broken down, this equates to five years in Audit, Newcastle (UK), and five years in Audit, Auckland and about six years as part of Deloitte Private, Auckland.

Why do you like working in the Deloitte Private space?

It's the variety. Every day is different, every client is different, every problem and solution is different. I really enjoy drawing on the different areas of my previous experience to help solve client problems.

I also love how you can make a big call and start implementing it immediately – it doesn’t have to go through 12 committees! 

We heard you like working with start-ups. What do you most enjoy about them?

It's the energy, vibe, culture and confidence of most start-ups I like. They are exciting companies to be involved with and are open to new ways of tackling their many challenges. Their scope for growth often means we can provide a lot of support.  

How have you got to where you are today in your career?

My number one rule is to do stuff that scares me.

The best opportunities are normally the ones that make you feel a bit sick to the stomach but I’ve learnt to feel that fear and do it anyway.

Another success factor for me has been building fantastic and supportive teams. This means listening and investing my time to build the skill sets of others. I take a genuine interest in peoples' lives and careers, offering advice and being honest. If a hard message needs to be delivered then you just have to do it.

Of course, without a strong team at home none of this would be possible. I have a very understanding wife (who got used to the long hours early on) and two fantastic kids that really help with my perspective and help me to relax and enjoy down-time.

What is the most common piece of advice you give to clients?

That is Plan A. For example, I ask clients what their Plan B and C is, because there is a reasonable chance that Plan A will fail. Also, the old adage that 'cash is king' is still completely relevant in the modern business world.

30 April, 2018 by Alice Potter, Q & A

Alice Potter

Alice Potter

Alice Potter works in the Deloitte clients and marketing team and closely with Deloitte Private.

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