Mission Accomplished: Deloitte Fast 50 2016

We’re proud to say it was another cracking festival at Villa Maria Last month where we saw more fast growth companies rise to the surface of NZ’s business landscape. We’ve now debriefed the agents, packed away the gadgets and closed down the case for the 2016 Deloitte Fast 50.

Thanks to all those who joined us for a great day at Villa Maria on November 16. We had some fantastic special guests and we loved everyone's enthusiasm for what was another awesome day in the Deloitte Fast 50 calendar.

Congratulations to our 2016 winners, Pushpay, with 4574 percent growth – almost four times more than that of the second fastest growing company on the index. These guys are the ones behind the mobile payment app that is helping people donate to their favourite charities in a fast, easy way. Second place on the index went to Plexure followed by Smartlift Systems in third spot.

Amazingly, the companies on the index boosted the New Zealand economy by 407 million dollars and created 1005 jobs! The entry threshold for this year’s Fast 50 was the highest it’s ever been at 225%. Another few fun facts for you - the average 2016 Deloitte Fast 50 business has 33 employees, is just over six years old, has annual revenue of $10.3 million and a 482% three-year growth rate.

Deloitte Private partner Bill Hale says the high level of diversity among this year’s Fast 50 companies is similar to last year, underscoring that any type of business, from anyplace in New Zealand, can do well with the right approach. 

“This is important as it creates job opportunities across more than just the tech industry, and demonstrates that SME businesses can be successful in their niche with good strategy and good execution,” Bill commented. 

It was great to see some new and familiar faces at the festival too. We enjoyed having Jeremy Corbett back as the MC – leading stunts like egging on guests to blow up a balloon, write a message on it and then pop it just as quick!

One of the highlights of our initial morning session was seeing three Olympic athletes talking to Bill about dealing with failure and maintaining vision in the talk titled ‘I get knocked down but I get up again’.

BMX rider Sarah Walker’s advice was to focus on the execution and the outcome will take care of itself. She also explained that failing from a strong place means you gave it everything you could. We were also lucky enough to have Nikki Hamblin with us – the runner you may remember helped up American runner, Abbey D’Agostino when they both tripped up in the 5000m heat at the Rio Olympics this year.

She spoke of what it was like to do so much training for an event and then have something unexpected like that happen. Joining them was Olympic rower George Bridgewater, also a director of one of our Rising Star entrants, The Pure Food Co, who talked about applying the lessons from high performance sport to running a high growth business. 

The rest of the day was just as successful. We held various sessions around the vineyard with some top business owners. Samantha Gadd from Humankind, Wendy Thompson from Socialites and Anna Curzon from Xero were part of a panel delivering a session on how to take your business to the next level. In another session titled Young Guns we had Kendall Flutey from Banqer and Sam explaining both the advantages their youth gives them and the challenges it can also present.

Overall, it was a fantastic festival. It was a great chance for business owners to gain inspiration for their businesses and network with others in similar situations! We certainly have a wealth of innovative and talented business owners in New Zealand and it was great to be able to come together to celebrate their achievements!

05 December, 2016 by Emily McLean, Expert insights

Emily McLean

Emily McLean

Emily McLean works in the Deloitte marketing team and closely with Deloitte Private. She loves telling the stories of those individuals and businesses leaving their mark in New Zealand's SME space while delivering news and insights to help business owners grow their companies. 

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