Business resilience – four learnings from SMEs’ response to COVID-19

03 July, 2020 by Muhammad Cajee, Business continuity

Partner Muhammad Cajee shares his experience being part of the Deloitte team working to support many New Zealand businesses in building resilience and developing business continuity plans.

Our response labs: An empathetic ear for an uncertain time

02 July, 2020 by Jen Scouler, Business continuity

In order to support the COVID-19 response, our Deloitte team mobilised quickly to develop virtual two-hour workshops that could be delivered to businesses across New Zealand, providing tailored strategic advice when it was most needed.

COVID-19: The GST impact of changes to your short-stay property

26 June, 2020 Business continuity

With COVID-19 having a devastating impact on the tourism sector, you may be re-thinking how you use your investment property to generate returns. Care needs to be taken as there may be GST costs to you for any changes in use.

COVID-19: The latest Wage Subsidy information – 10 June 2020

10 June, 2020 Business continuity

With the move to Alert Level 1, 10 June 2020 marks the end of the Wage Subsidy Scheme and the beginning of the Wage Subsidy Extension Scheme.

COVID-19: Temporary ‘Safe Harbour’ provisions for directors

12 May, 2020 by David Webb, Business continuity

The Government has recognised the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses. For this reason, the Government has proposed new temporary ‘Safe Harbour’ provisions into the Act, which will provide directors with protection if directors decide to continue t

COVID-19: What impact will recent travel restrictions have on your company’s tax residence?

11 May, 2020 by Ian Fay, Business continuity

COVID-19 and the various measures implemented to fight the pandemic have significantly disrupted how many taxpayers do business across the globe, including the ability for directors, management and staff to work and travel in the usual way.

COVID-19: Scenario analysis in uncertain times

07 May, 2020 by David Webb, Business continuity

One key way businesses can mitigate the challenge of COVID-19 is by undertaking a scenario analysis, to try and uncover a clearer picture of the way forward. We’ve answered the top questions that business leaders might have about starting that proces

COVID-19: Government introduces more cashflow support for businesses affected

01 May, 2020 by Bill Hale, Business continuity

The Government has announced a significant initiative to help small to medium sized businesses obtain much needed cashflow – the Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme.

COVID-19: Employment tax updates for a remote workforce – 1 May 2020

01 May, 2020 by Robyn Walker, Business continuity

While New Zealand has moved from being in Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3, a considerable number of workers remain at home. It is worth considering any employment tax issues which can arise from these working conditions.

COVID-19: Loss carry-back rules– fine in theory, but watch for fishhooks

01 May, 2020 by Robyn Walker, Business continuity

On 30 April, the Government fast-tracked new legislation to introduce further tax changes in response to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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