Volatility in price of Bitcoin raises tax questions

17 June, 2021 Tax planning and structuring

Whether it is high profile twitter users helping drive up the market and then doing an about turn, or Wall Street heavyweights investing, Bitcoin has been making headlines (again). The renewed interest in crypto coupled with the large swings in price

COVID-19: What impact will recent travel restrictions have on your company’s tax residence?

11 May, 2020 by Ian Fay, Business continuity

COVID-19 and the various measures implemented to fight the pandemic have significantly disrupted how many taxpayers do business across the globe, including the ability for directors, management and staff to work and travel in the usual way.

Getting down to business: Employee share schemes in private businesses

15 June, 2017 by Ian Fay,

Deloitte Partner, Ian Fay, shares why New Zealand businesses will need to rethink how they implement share based incentive schemes as our country's tax rules do not provide any incentives for businesses to use these schemes.

Why share schemes?


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