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Combatting cyber threats

Steps to improve your cyber security

This article originally appeared in Unlimited Magazine, March 2014

Cyber security, defined as “measures taken to protect a computer or electronic system against unauthorised access or attack,” is no longer the exclusive domain of companies large enough to have a CIO and IT department.

These days, with all of us connected online not just by our computers but also by our wireless devices, smartphones and even toasters, fridges and cars, the threat has become pervasive with the points of illegal entry numerous. Regardless of the size of your business, the implications of a breach can now be so serious that every employee has a stake and a role in protecting it from cyber threats.

The steps outlined below range from the basic to the advanced. Some forward-thinking companies will already have tackled some or even many, but, in our experience, very few have adequately addressed them all. The more of these steps you can address, the less likely you will find your business in an embarrassing or costly situation in the wake of a cyber attack.

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