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The need for businesses to change is constant. Business must respond to pressures such as growth, competition, customer expectations or sustained performance. While many follow others, brave business leaders look to innovate. Innovation is easy to say and much harder to do.

There are many traps and pitfalls between idea and implementation. Great ideas are just the starting point. Without the ability to execute these ideas you are left with plenty of creativity and little to no innovation. Our role to help you navigate these pitfalls and to take some of the risks out of innovating, allowing creativity and good management practices to come together.

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Looking at innovation beyond the sails and the foils

Process innovation is often overlooked by companies.  Best practice, standardisation and simplification are words more frequently used in combination with the word ‘process.’

Innovation and the three myths

Behind leadership, innovation is the second most written about topic in business. This gives some clue to the importance of both topics and also indicates that mastering both of these areas is harder than we all think.

Business model innovation

The trick to business model innovation is to create a wholly new way of operating, not just developing an alternative customer value proposition.

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