How we help

Family wealth management

How we help:

  • Building on foundations and existing family values
  • Providing a clear structure to support family objectives
  • Creating a framework that ensures wealth preservation and growth
  • Developing a shared endeavour between family members

Supporting ongoing prosperity
Backed by the global strength of Deloitte, your team at Deloitte Private will support the prosperity of your family with an unparalleled combination of focus, breadth of advice, skill and attention. Our key objectives are to align your family values with your family’s wealth, and to build a sustainable plan for the future.

Guidance through life’s challenges
Our experienced and highly skilled team can guide your family through every type of family business and/or wealth challenge - succession planning, generational change, wealth management, tax restructures and exit strategies.

We get to know your family
Part of our service includes detailed one-on-one interviews with all family members. From this process we can develop a key issues register that will lead to improved reporting structures and more informed decisions.

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