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Looks simple enough
Technology — sounds simple, right? But as we all know, the ubiquitous desktop PC is now being linked to everything from your supply chain to your global intranet to your knowledge management database. And that's not so simple.

We work with many private companies to put in place the right systems and solutions for your business.

We start off by asking: Have you got a clear strategic direction which fuses your business strategy, technology strategy and operational needs?

If not, you need to ask yourself some probing questions:

  • Which areas of the business need IT attention, and why?
  • How well is IT performing?
  • What are the values, risks, and trade-offs of our proposed IT initiatives?
  • How does our overall portfolio of spending line up against the needs and direction of the overall business?
  • In a tight economy, which projects could be deferred, and why?
  • In a growth economy, where are we constrained?

Designed and delivered well, IT contributes to growth, profit and competitive advantage. Designed or implemented badly, it can burden and constrain a private business.

Our Deloitte Private Technology Advisory team will help you to realise the business value from IT by addressing a range of challenges including:

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