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New Zealand’s primary sectors continue to be the predominant source of wealth generation for the country, dominating our exports and technology development. And while our primary sectors’ productivity has continuously outperformed New Zealand’s wider economy, there are considerable opportunities for participants to improve their skills, products and profitability.

Now more than ever, understanding your business and maintaining a focus on maximising your profit is critical. The opportunities have never been greater and the risks never so varied. The most successful primary sector companies understand they can no longer just produce more and more products – they understand they need to be market led to grow and be profitable. To achieve this, they need to be:

  • aware of the marginal costs/benefits to their business from growth;
  • prepared to innovate and test new products or processes;
  • able to identify and work with business partners who will help them add value to their products; and
  • able to meet or exceed their customers’ or consumers’ expectations.

How we can help you
We have a wealth of experience across New Zealand’s primary sectors, helping clients both domestically and internationally. We provide a range of services from traditional professional services in consulting, supply chain management, logistics, management advisory, audit and accounting through to more specialist advice on sector strategy, investment services, sector implementation and business development. Our breadth of services together with our specialist in-depth knowledge provides our clients with a proven advantage – and delivers proven results.

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