How we help

Industry expertise

At Deloitte Private, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We provide solutions designed for each client’s industry, marketplace, and unique situation. Our industry focus ensures that the professionals working on your business are sector experts who understand the current trends, technologies and competitive issues you’re confronting.

Whatever your industry, we have the relevant experience and knowledge to deliver solutions that fit your organisation and ensure you succeed. 

Industry expertise - Agribusiness

New Zealand’s primary sectors continue to be the predominant source of wealth generation for the country, dominating our exports and technology development. More >

Industry expertise - China

Venturing into a new location with unfamiliar regulatory and tax rules, different business practices, cultural and language difficulties means that you will have many challenges to face. More >

Industry expertise - Construction

Deloitte is a recognised leader in providing services to the engineering and construction industry. We have experience participating in complex tax structures, financing alternatives, building joint venture arrangements, limited partnership structuring, interest rate hedging alternatives, business acquisition and divestitures, property valuations and More >

Industry expertise - Food & beverage

In this sector NZ has demonstrated strength in low cost production, and readily applies technology and information. We need to sharpen our pencils when it comes to global experience, international governance, capital and global sales force More >

Industry expertise - Healthcare

Worklife balance, changing Government regulations and technology, availability of skilled people and access to capital are the key issues on the minds of health care business owners. Deloitte helps businesses owners in this sector to grow, innovate and increase the value in their business. More >

Industry expertise - Hospitality

Successful hospitality businesses ensure their food, wage and overhead costs are monitored as closely turnover. You need to sell food for more than it costs you to produce and serve it! Although this sector tends to attract creative people, it's still a business and without knowing which levers to pull, it can fail like any other” More >

Industry expertise - Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector includes some of the world’s most complex and diverse organisations. Whether your challenge is building more efficient global value chains, capitalising on changing customer requirements More >

Industry expertise - Not for Profit

Deloitte Private can cater to the needs of burgeoning non-for-profit groups looking to find their place in the world through to established charities searching for ways to grow and develop further. More >

Industry expertise - Professional services

Deloitte Private’s professional services team works with law firms, engineering firms, medical practices, architectural practices and other professional service providers. More >

Industry expertise - Property

The Deloitte Private real estate and property team understand the importance of a long term advisory relationship, we are committed to help develop and achieve your long term growth strategies. More >

Industry expertise - Rental property investors

Structure is absolutely critical for property investors, affecting whether losses can flow back to owners and at what rate future profits are taxed. How lending is structured is also vital. Investors should always look to maximise debt for which they can receive a tax deduction (such as debt associated with lending for investment property) and minimise non tax efficient debt (personal loans and mortgages). More >

Industry expertise - Retail

In retail, it's important to get it right from day one. While a combination of factors count, the staff you employ are the key to your success. Our experience has taught us the right questions to ask. More >

Industry expertise - Technology

We work with many private companies to put in place the right systems and solutions for your business. We start off by asking: Have you got a clear strategic direction which fuses your business strategy, technology strategy and operational needs? More >

Industry expertise - Trades

Our trade clients benefit greatly from our services. Our compliance teams help clients keep on top of their invoicing and tracking. “Trade clients are busy doing what they do best, so administrative tasks can get pushed aside” More >