How we help

Raising capital

How we help:

  • Divestitures
  • Growth strategies
  • Infrastructure advisory and project finance
  • Raising capital

Finding the money
Taking your business to the next level sometimes means injecting cash you just don’t have. Don’t let the lack of dollars and cents dampen your plans. There are numerous financing options available – our task is to identify the best option for your situation.

Our valuable network
Nobody has a stronger network of business contacts than us. We can give you access to buyers and expose your business to a diverse range of capital providers. We also work with you to plan your funding strategy and compliance with regulations.

Guest Blog - Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding, made possible through a law change just over a year ago, is finding its feet in the New Zealand securities landscape. More >

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Simon Chapman (09 303 0888)
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Genevieve Cooper (07 834 7854)
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Ian Fay (04 470 3579)
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Grant Jarrold (03 363 3809)

Daniel Hellyer (03 474 8643)
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