How we help

Deloitte Forensic

How we help:

  • Investigations – fraud and corruption, theft and leakage, breaches of contract and law, government contracts and probity issues
  • Advisory – fraud detection and prevention, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, business intelligence
  • Discovery – computer forensic and electronic discovery
  • Analytics – data analytics and visualisation
  • Disputes – expert witness, mediation, advisory

Litigation is a commercial reality
The commercial environment is becoming increasingly complex and litigious. Fraud, employee misconduct, contractual disputes, business interruption, probity, theft of confidential information, regulatory non-compliance, and other business problems are unfortunate realities.

Our experience is your secret weapon
When it comes to fraud, litigation and other law-related business challenges there is no substitute for experience. Our dedicated team of forensic accountants, computer forensic experts, data analytic experts, and investigators have a long track record of successfully delivering quality results in the most challenging assignments.

False invoices - employers take note!

False invoices have been used for many years by employees to misappropriate funds from their employers; and it remains one of the most common types of frauds committed by employees in New Zealand. Despite the fact that it is not a new fraud, false invoicing continues to cost New Zealand businesses thousands of dollars each year. More >

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