How we help

Audit & assurance

How we help:

  • Conducting statutory audits
  • Accounting and financial reporting audits
  • Internal controls insights
  • Regulatory, risk and reporting

Auditing without the stress
Our approach to auditing has the rigour of global assurance standards; however we work in a way that’s collaborative rather than intimidating. You’ll also find our fees surprisingly affordable compared to other audit providers.

A positive process
By partnering with you during the audit process, we gain a true understanding of your business and its associated risks. This allows us to identify areas for business process improvements.  The result is an audit that adds value to your business, while also helping you to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Contact us

Andrew Boivin (09 306 4485)

Avi Chand (07 838 7911)
Doug Wilson (07 834 7876)

Trevor Deed (04 470 3527)

Grant Jarrold (03 363 3809)

Kyle Cameron (03 474 8674)
Mike Hawken (03 474 8684)