Get to know us

Why Deloitte Private?


We listened.

Listened to the needs and the expectations our private clients were increasingly demanding for their businesses and for themselves:

You wanted a service that was more personal and importantly, more accessible. You wanted to talk to a real person… not a corporation. And as well as expertise in your marketplace, you wanted flexibility to meet your unique needs and those of your business.


We responded.

Deloitte Private had to be, and is, much more than a name, a department, or an identity. It’s a different way of doing things that show we are committed to private clients, the marketplace and your business.  We identified and made several key structural changes which allows  Deloitte Private to:

  • Remove the barriers commonly associated with a large corporation, making it simpler to do business with us.

  • Be leaner, flexible and more agile to respond quickly to the unique needs of the rapidly growing private business sector in New Zealand.

  • Look at ways of doing things differently.

  • Be more personal in our approach and day-to-day contact through a focused and dedicated private team.

  • Exceed service expectations, while matching tier 2 pricing.


Deloitte Private also has the benefit of:

  • An information-rich, stand-alone website, dedicated to the private sector (

  • A network of over 240 professionals accessible all over New Zealand.

  • The experience, expertise, and connections of a truly global company and all the technological innovation that goes with it.

Think of Deloitte Private as the ‘Light Cavalry’ – experts in their field, nimble, agile, and focused, with all the back up of the ‘Heavy Artillery’ – Deloitte.