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Go Healthy [Video]

Go Healthy were looking for an advisor who could really guide the business forward in the right direction.After meeting through the Fast 50, it became it was obvious that Deloitte Private was the right choice. We’ve helped with accounting, business forecasting, global expansion plans and personal structuring and we are thrilled to be working alongside the owners to really make a difference.  More >

Energy Light [Video]

Energy Light really enjoy the relaxed and accessible style of the Christchurch Deloitte Private team. We’ve been able to add value through innovative technology solutions over the last 3 years which sees this client being more than happy with the job that we are doing!  More >


Otago Museum [Video]

After being around for over 150 years the Otago Museum is undergoing a business transformation and taking Deloitte Private with them! See how valuable a trusted advisor can be for your business. From sitting on your board to decision-making around core finance, strategy and human resource challenges – whatever your needs, we have a solution to help. More >


We’re all about you [Video]

New Zealand Home Loans has been around since 1996 and focuses on their people to maintain their successful growth. Hear how a Hamilton Deloitte Private Partner and the General Manager of NZ Home Loans have built a robust professional relationship and friendship over 15 years. More >

You’re in safe hands [Video]

Hear how Metrotile NZ took their family business to the next level with Deloitte Private's guidance. Together we found the opportunities which has seen the company flourish. More >


Expert advice every time [Video]

Gavin Hunt, Executive Director of Signature Homes has his hands full with over 18 different entities that he requires help with. Hear how the team at Deloitte Private have worked together to make sure his business needs are met every time so he can sleep at night! More >